Monday, April 29, 2019

How Many Lies?

This is the lie.

Really, some of you actually believe this?

How fucking sad are you? I've never known any mother to be who would "conspire" with a doctor who delivered her child to "execute" the child.

I have never really wanted to be a mom. I'm too terrified that my kid would be just like me. Let's face it, that would be a scary child. Those of you who know me, know what I'm talking about. I'm the kind that would tell my child to let the other kid throw the first punch, and then finish the fucker. I would also teach my child how to finish the fucker. I would also be the kind of parent who teaches her young how to lay down a really good ambush and double tap the enemy. You don't want me being a parent.

That being said, I am sick to death of some of you giving the current occupant of the white house a pass. For every fucking lie, you give him a pass for whatever fucking reason that makes you sleep better at night.

Keep this in mind, if he gets his complete way, at some point you enablers are going to come into his cross hairs. And then, just then you will care. It's fine to you if he and his administration fuck people over, as long as it's not YOU.

Guess what cupcake, at some point you are going to be in his cross hairs. When that happens, if I'm not in prison, I am going to laugh my arse off at you. Do you know why?

Because I'm not a hypocrite. I'm an asshole, but not a hypocrite. You will have earned what you receive. At some point he and his policy is going to touch you, in a bad way, I'm not going to hold your hand, I'm not going to whisper words of sympathy or platitude. I am going to full on laugh and ask you if you've learned anything.

I've had friends who've been pregnant and lost their child in the last week. It's heart wrenching, it's unspeakable pain, it cannot be described. And for this sorry excuse for an oxygen waster to lie about mothers and doctors deciding to "execute" a child I can't even begin to describe my absolute disgust and hatred.  Not just for him, but for those of you in his "party" who would either agree with or if you don't agree with it, but those who 'give him a pass' for it, for those of you who would call it 'party politics'.

God is watching. And some of you who are complicit in his lies by doing nothing, saying are going to be so surprised when you try to enter God's Gate.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Today I'm not going to be an asshole

I'm not.

I'm going to tell you a story.

And it's remains a life defining moment for me. It's also why I will never look at a Muslim person with suspicion in my heart first.

Imagine it...1991. Saudi Arabia, The Gulf War... with my US Army Reserve unit at a Forward Operating Base off Tap Line Road. My unit was a Civil Affairs unit. Basically this is one of the few units in the military that has multiple mission capability that generally does not involve blowing shit up or actively hunting the enemy. I was on the EPW team. As in Enemy Prisoner of War team aka the bad guys. We were assigned a Muslim Kuwaiti interpreter. I'm sorry it's been years and I don't recall his name. I wish I did.

Now up until then all I really knew about Muslims is that they were from the Middle East and were still really pissed off about the crusades. I was still a marginal Catholic at the time, go figure. I did not trust him. I did not trust anyone who looked like the enemy. (As a side note, I still do not trust Russians who grew up or were adults during the communist regime)

My EPW team was attached to some Ft. Hood MP's so when it was time we moved up (as we later found out it was the night before the morning the ground war kicked off) to an EPW collection point. Let me tell you it was a freaking long drive. We are talking hours. The CP was less than two klicks (kilometers for you non military types) from the Iraqi border. After arrival we set up tents, cots and personal gear. My half of the team lost the coin toss and had to stay up while the other half of the team got to rack out and get some rest. We took in somewhere around 250 prisoners for processing during that time. Part of the team questioned, then sent them to us for holding.

My squad got to sit guard outside of the holding tent. It was a huge fecking tent. The MPs with us were inside. For hours. Until they got word that they had to move out to go outside the wire to collect some of their other MPs who were in a bit of a bind.

That means one of my teammates has to go in the tent and stand over watch. I'm outside with my squad leader, and our interpreter. The Muslim guy. Who I don't trust. Who has been nothing but cooperative and beyond helpful according to everyone who has worked with him. To me, he was a potential enemy.

Then in the middle of night, in a sideways driving rainstorm it hits me in the side of the head, much like that needle like rain beating my ear to death, that we are one team member short. And quite honestly if I ever meet one each Beach, John I will be going to jail for assault. Me using his actual name is a rarity, normally I just call him sleeping beauty. Keep in mind we both continued in the unit for several more years. We never said more than 20 maybe words between us after that night. Mine were always sleeping beauty. He learned to walk away from me.

I pointed out to my squad leader that we were short so he went off to look for said missing team member.

I don't remember how long it took, standing guard outside in blowing wind, sideways driving winter rain with not a word spoken between me and the only other person left. The Muslim. Who I did not trust.

A while later part of the other half of the team filed out from sleeping tents because transports arrived. It was time to move the enemy captured to the rear. My squad leader has still not returned. My missing team mate (I use that term loosely) has not arrived. We have approximately 250 enemy who want to get the fuck out of the tent and back to somewhere warm. Only there are two enemy in the tent who are Republican Guard. I get the shouted order to send ten prisoners down. Our interpreter waits until I give him the head nod. He relays the order for 10 to come out of the tent. Then I hear shouting from inside the tent from my team mate who is being attacked by two RG's who are trying to take his M16. Now I give SGT. Rene Segundo all the credit in the world for following my many weeks earlier instructions as to what to do if an enemy tries to take your weapon if you are guarding him. I advised to step into your sling, tug the weapon to your body, hold on for dear life and shout like a motherfucker. He did.

The EPWs rushed the door of the tent, created a bottleneck and kept me from getting to my team mate. I started shouting instructions at our interpreter who despite my absolute distrust did so (trust me, I remembered how some of the words sounded and checked it out with a couple of other interps at the FOB through some MPs who also did not always trust theirs) and after several tense moments, including pulling an M1911 .45 pistol which really got them moving backwards and clearing the way to SGT Segundo and helping get him out.

This man, this Muslim did not have to do that. He did not have to assist me, asshole that I was in my silence and distrust of him and yet he did. Even though I'm a woman. Even though I could have been considered an infidel, even though I didn't trust him at all. He relayed my words, even as I taunted them with the fact that if a woman were to kill them they would not reach heaven and Allah's reward. Words that to his faith were without a doubt heresy and sacrilege. To this day I remember the expression on his face when I said "tell them I'm a woman Irish devil and I will send them to hell". He told them.

SGT Segundo was removed safely from the tent, the RG's were properly subdued and segregated and I learned a lesson in life. That lesson was a Muslim isn't always who you've been told he or she is.

His only concern after it was over was that SGT Segundo was safe and in good health.

A few weeks later I volunteered to take his family in Kuwait some supplies. We took water, food, basics to them. They didn't even know we were coming. When we arrived they insisted on using the last of what water they thought they had to make us tea and a sweet almond desert.

I also learned that they had lost family to the Iraqi's in the form of execution, torture and 'disappearance'. The expression on his face when he learned who had been murdered, tortured and disappeared made me understand how little I knew.

Because of him, my friend is still alive. I could not have done that alone. Because of him I read the Quran (twice actually). Because of him I asked questions to understand it. And then re read the Bible again (repeatedly).

Because of him and his actions I do understand that no, not every Muslim is a 'terrorist'. Because I spent the day with his family who had next to nothing when they opened the door to us and immediately offered us the last of their water in the tea they insisted on giving us, who did not mind that we were dust covered and smelled pretty bad into their home, I understand what their good book means when it says "welcome strangers as your family".

So, quite honestly if you hate Muslims, even if you've never met one, I feel fucking sorry for you. You are missing out on an extraordinary people.

And tonight I will say an extra prayer for those 49 souls who were massacred while practicing their faith, in their church who had done harm to none.

And for those of you who will ignore the everyday Muslim and only use the extremist Muslim as your example to defend your ignorance, your bias and your bigotry, I used to be you. I grew a fucking brain.  And truly if you can only point out Muslim extremists, without owning Christian extremists, you are a fucking liar and hypocrite. There is no light without dark and no dark without light.

And your excuse for white extremist murderers being "mentally ill" doesn't work if you stand behind "Muslims are killers and terrorists because they worship the wrong god". If you damn one, then you must damn all for their "religious" murders.

If you don't like what I've said, that's on you. I suggest you take a good long look in the fucking mirror and own your hypocrisy. One radicalized Muslim kills y'all lose your fucking minds. A white 'Christian' kills, 'lonewolf insane man'. That's hypocrisy.

لترتاح أرواحكم مع الله

Friday, March 1, 2019

So, for those who obviously don't know how Facebook works.

Your page is your page. You post things you want to post or share on your page. Those posts go into the "news feed" that your friends can see. You can chose to respond or you can keep on scrolling.

I go in to this because today a person who exists on my friends list (don't ask why this person is on my list, suffice to say it's a long story and has to do with respect for others) FB IM'd me yet again with another one of their memes. Now keep in mind that I have asked politely repeatedly that this person not do this. We have polar opposite ideas. Also keep in mind that I do not IM this person except to respond to IMs or for birthday/holiday wishes. I don't go to this person's page and peruse what is going on in life.

Said person has used the 1st Amendment argument when I ask politely (I use the word please) that their meme not be IM'd to me. I don't care what you share with others, just don't include me on your list. I will relay again that the 1st Amendment states that the government will not come get you when you disagree at any level with what they are or are not doing. That's pretty much it.

Said person states that I use a "double standard". Well, actually no I don't. I'm an asshole a lot of time. But, I'm an asshole on MY FB page. I don't post on this person's FB page and have not been an asshole on this person's page. That would be a double standard.

I try very hard not to go playing in someone else's sandbox. I don't always succeed, but I try. I used to be very bad about that, but then about three years ago I put a friend on FB in the uncomfortable position of having to defend themselves because of my words (which truly were poorly chosen and completely wrong). I try very hard not to do that again. I don't always succeed.

If I disagree with someone, I usually tend to shake my head or roll my eyes, then I scroll right along. I don't need to agree with you. I don't need to publicly disagree with you.

If I truly, truly disagree with you I'll put you on block, or unfriend you. Simple. I will also block or unfriend if you enter the "zero talking room" or "holier than thou" zones. Which means if you call others out for things that I know you have done or still do, yep gone and I'll let you know why you are gone.

And then there's the passive/aggressive thing...don't poke the bear and then get all pissy when I get mad at you or call you on it.

If I hurt someone's feeling or piss you off accidentally I'll apologize and mean it. If I poke the bear on purpose I have no business apologizing. I own it when I purposely piss someone off.

And just for the record, to this person, if you say you are going to block or unfriend me, please go right ahead and unass my area of operation. It will not hurt my feelings.


Friday, February 15, 2019

*me running around, waving my hands around my head to the sound of the sky falling*


I say let him have his little national emergency. And take those billions from the defense budget. And when those projects he's taking the money from get killed, y'all can go cry to him and those who enable him. Oh yeah, if you are of the military or military contractor ilk and you support him, you're about the get fecked again. But hey, you've got those thoughts and prayers to keep you warm at night. How's that 10% raise he boasted about going for you? And when it costs money and jobs, I'm going to laugh my arse off. LOUDLY.

Oddly, there is an effective bit of technology that works even better than a wall. And it was suggested by *gasp* a Republican. It can do things that a wall can't tell you.

Look here, look here...

Also, this is something that has been bugging me for quite a while. The current occupant of the white house talking about "our southern culture and heritage".

He's a fucking yankee. He's not even a carpetbagger. He's a fucking yankee. And none of his people fought for the South either.

That's right up there with yankee's flying a confederate flag.

Dear normal everyday Republicans...take back your party. Please. By the way, how are those tax refunds going for you?

Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

It's been a long time. I've had issues. For the longest time I couldn't get into Blogspot. User error apparently.

So a lot has happened.

And now I'm going to piss a lot of you off. Again. As usual.

Look I'm normally a good person,

I walk my 86 year old's neighbor's dog for her. My neighbor is a *gasp* immigrant. She was a kid during WWII, she recalls living in a train tunnel during the last days of Nazi occupation of Sicily. She also makes the most mouth watering biscotti in the world. She has some interesting stories of WWII. If I can do something for you I will.

At the same time I AM and WILL Be an Asshole when I have to be.

Example of me not being an asshole:
I have neighbors who love to put out their conservative signs. Kewl. I have no issue with that. You know why? Freedom of speech. I have liberal neighbors who put out their liberal signs. Kewl. I have no issue with that. You know why? Freedom of speech. I don't care who you are, what your politics are, you have freedom of speech, but you do not have freedom of consequences of freedom of speech. You say it, you fucking own it. Don't cry when you get busted for it. That last part was a kind of PSA.

Stepping in to pay for a woman's pain meds when she's a couple of dollars short at Walgreen's. She had more important things to think about. I paid because her pain hurt my heart. She was having a serious bad day and did not have one bad word to say to anyone. She smiled at a couple of kids who were in the area while I was waiting on my own meds. I paid for her so that she could get her meds faster. When she offered me the money she had on hand I said in a hard tone that I am sorry for: No, Ma'am. And refused her money, I did however take her two hugs. It was an even trade.

Example of me being an Asshole:
If you happen to post a fake photo and it reaches my page...yeah, I'm going to bust you for it and be an asshole about it, because if I can look it up so can you. Don't try the false narrative with me. It pisses me off. I will call you out. I don't care if you are my dearly departed Da's nephew. You post shite, I will call out your shite. Mainly because my Da did not put up with shite like that. He would have kicked your arse for that shite.

If you are on my friend list and you post a photo of your gas price while extolling the "false narrative" of a tight economy being a made up thing, you might not want to have that Kroger brand in the photo, because I will ask you if the price was before or after your Kroger points. And yeah I will pretend that's a wonderful thing, and also I will notice that everyone who agreed with you got a huge word reply. I got a one word reply. You know what that tells me.

Don't get all holier than thou when a duly elected representative doesn't stand for the current occupant of the white house during the SOTU speech. Some of you of the conservative ilk had no issue with this sort of shite when the former occupant of the white house was given the same treatment by two speakers of house. Basically, shut the fuck up, you have zero fucking talking room. By the way, she has no responsibility to coddle your golden calf or make you feel better about voting for him.

Allison and I went to a concert one night while in Dallas, the Corral Creek Coral was having a concert with the Army Choral and Laura Bush was there as the 'guest'. When everyone else stood up in ovation, we did not. And when the lady in front of us tried to shame us, I asked her, "where was Laura Bush during the AIDs epidemic? Sure she she's doing this now and after her husband lost the white house, but where was SHE when it actually mattered?" I got no answer. I finished with the statement "I exercise my right to not stand." I went to 25 funerals during the AID's epidemic and I didn't ever see Laura Bush at one fucking funeral.The look on the woman's face when I did stand for the Army Choral's call to service melody. That's the part where each service song is played and veterans stand for their song. I just looked at this woman. I think maybe she got it.

To the current occupant of the white house, if you are going to make an argument for "The Wall" and you name a city in Texas, where I grew up and FUCKING live should probably not pick San Antonio to name, which by the way is nofuckingwhere near the fucking border you knob. I mean Jesus, at least pick somewhere closer to sort of make your clueless, fictional movie based case. Does a former VP named Quale not mean anything to you? Is there no one on your staff who has a half a fecking brain? Seriously? And some of you dumb shites believe it? Orps. ..sorry yes some of you dumb shites believe it...sadly some of them are in my family. I gotta own what I gotta own.

I also grew up in El Paso, Where we do have portions of a wall. and tunnels, And ladders owned by coyotes and an airport where people who overstay their visa's fly in. Oh, gee. Whoops.'

Another example of me being an dear conservative friends....Obama vacations...where the fuck is your outrage now? 'cause I'm hearing fucking crickets from now you're okay with wasteful vacation spending? Feck you, I have your names. Just don't.

I am an asshole and I will call out your hypocritical shite just as I call out my own party hypocritical shite. Newsflash about me...I hate people..I'm better with dogs.

and if your tax return is less than...ummmmm we tried to tell you about that.

and about Putin...some of my former army friends now love him...we trained to kill him and those like honestly fuck you. You have embraced the man who we, cold war veteran's practiced to put our arms around his neck and squeeze until he took his last breath. And now some of you love him. If you do love him, take your arse off my page. And out of my life.

Yes, I'm an asshole, but I've earned it. And I don't pretend to be anything else.

So, aren't you glad I'm back?

Monday, March 14, 2016

It's That Easy

I spent two years and three months living in Germany. To be fair, it was technically two years and five months but I did take leave time.

I arrived in Germany in 1985. Forty years after the end of WWII.

Once I became comfortable with my new surroundings, and the closeness of living with my company of MP’s got to be too much for me, I would take a day here and there to go out in the two different towns I lived in (Kitzingen and Bad Kissingen). Sometimes it was in the day time, sometimes it was at night. Just me. Walking around.

Some of the places were okay but didn’t feel like ‘me’, so I’d move on. Some places I liked and I would go back again and again. It’s amazing to make new friends after they see you a few times. Especially the older Germans. The younger Germans didn’t seem to like American soldiers much. I understood it back then, I still understand it.

The older Germans, at least in my experience, as I didn’t walk around like I owned the place, didn’t walk around like I was the one who won WWII, and most importantly didn’t judge them, would actually talk to you, get to know you. And even though I was curious I didn’t ask too many questions.
Funny thing that. When you don’t demand answers with questions sometimes you get answers any way.

One woman in Kitzingen at my favorite café/bakery (I don’t recall the name but it was in the Marketplatz) served serious ass expresso, mean brochen ham and Swiss sandwiches and was the daughter of a Nazi party official. She was fifteen when Hitler came into power. She once told me “we listened because he said what we wanted to hear, what we thought we saw after Versailles”. I asked her why she thought that.

“He said things that were in our hearts and we admired him for it. We did not know, did not want to know after a long time, that he truly meant to do what he did. He promised to make Germans and Germany great, like we once were”. I wrote her words down in my journal after I got back to my barracks.

I remember having to think about her words. I had no idea what she meant by that.

I made friends with the old guy in the toy store. Wooden toys. I did a double take. Little shop about two blocks from the Chinese restaurant and to the left I think if you were facing the restaurant. I used to buy wood Christmas ornaments and send them home. He also made Prussian soldiers for a nice profit, hand painted. He used to talk to them. He was pretty blunt about Hitler. Again from my journal.
“He was not much to look at. You would see him, slight, that ridiculous mustache, but then he would speak. We Germans, we like a man who can speak plainly. He did. He promised us things we wanted. We were angry, we were poor and hungry. Did you know that your soul can get hungry”?

I had no clue what he meant by that last sentence. I was nineteen and twenty when I was in Kitzingen. I was doing good to sort of understand Shakespeare.

When I got to Bad Kissingen I again became a barracks rat until I got comfortable. Sometime after I got comfortable I would take a book and go walking around, or my note book journal. I found a bar (go figure, me finding a bar) that seemed a little higher class than where I normally hung out. I was thirsty and a beer or five sounded good. So I went in.

I found a frosty reception. I was dressed like an American. Older gentlemen (I was twenty and a smidge everyone was older to me) eyeballed me. The conversations stopped or dropped in to low tones. I sat at the bar. The bar maid was thirty fiveish, blonde hair, tired eyes. I remember her telling me that they (said older German men) didn’t like me. I asked why. She said “old Nazi bastards”. Okay, that was an eye opener. She also said something to the effect of “they wear suits now, but not back then”. Even with that reception I went back time and time again. Yes, sometimes I’m an asshole.

The most interesting man I met was a taxi driver. He said (depending on the day/night) that he was fifty-six or fifty-eight. His left hand was missing fingers. And when he moved the little note pad he had fixed to his dash board you could see his runes. He’d driven them into his dashboard. Illegal as hell as I understand it. Waffen SS. Eastern Front. He used to say he was a lucky one. He got frostbite bad enough to lose fingers and get his ass out of Russia.

He was also blunt as hell. I once told him that his runes were illegal. He laughed and asked me “what can they do to me?” Okay, he had me on that one. I mean hell, if he was telling the truth then cops wouldn’t scare a man who survived the Eastern Front.

When he drove during the day I would sometimes find him taking his dinner at the train station. I wasn’t going anywhere but they served Guinness and I was really liking it at that point in my life. He’d drink a few German beers and we’d talk. It must have taken four or five months before he really talked to me. Again my habit of not asking obvious pain in the ass questions allowed him to make his decision to talk to me.

I did ask him one early evening why he joined the Waffen SS. I was expecting a lot of answers but not the one I got. “My brother was one of Rohm’s boys. I had to erase that stain from my family”.
He used to look up to his brother, loved hearing the stories of him beating up “those stupid communists, those unionists, those Jews”.

I rarely asked the hard questions, I wasn’t sure he would answer. Once I did. I asked why did you follow Hitler?

Again a blunt answer. “The bastard said what I wanted to hear. Did I hate Jews? Yes. Did I hate communists? Yes. He made it so that you could say you hated someone. You could go to a rally and say you hated someone. He could stir the hate in you, you let it and when the party came to power you could do what you wanted to someone you hated”.

For a long time after I came back from Germany I wanted to put away what I’d heard from some of these people. It sounds odd, but the people I remember the most aren’t the ones who said ‘we didn’t know’ or ‘we were told what to think’; the one’s I remember the most are these people. Because they were as honest as they allowed themselves. They didn’t really apologize for it and I didn’t ask them too. It wasn’t and still isn’t my place. I wasn’t there.

I am however here. Now.

Watching a man who claims to be presidential material. And I see the same thing in his crowd of supporters that I saw glimpses of 31 years ago.

I see people standing up to this man and his supporters this time. Not enough. But more this time than did in the 1930s and 1940s.

A man who uses the First Amendment to say what he has to say, a man who incites violence on protestors who are also using the First Amendment (even if it’s just a sign or t shirts or silence), a man who professes to make a country “great again”, a man who can wrap a crowd into a frenzy using nationalism, a man who scapegoats anyone he doesn’t like or who questions him. A man who asks those in the crowd to take an oath to him with a raised right hand. A man who makes statements then says he does not recall the statement (even though it’s on video).

A man who says what a segment of the population wants to hear.

During basic training back in 1985 we had a class on brainwashing. It began with my training company entering our class room. We were told that a female Soviet soldier was going to be giving us a class. There was the usual “you will show her respect” statement. Then we were told we were better than Soviet soldiers and when she entered we were to stand up and chant USA. She entered. We chanted.
She spoke. We chanted USA.

She spoke again. In a Midwestern accent and said “It’s that easy”. She then introduced herself as an officer in the US Army.

Think totalitarianism, fascism, a dictatorship can’t happen here? Think again.

I’ve heard for the last 8 years’ people call the President a “socialist dictator”. If he was, y’all would be in jail. Oddly you people are not.

Oddly, for the last 8 years, people have protested the current President without being escorted out, pushed, spit upon, and beaten by the crowd.

One man currently running for President has used his 1st Amendment right to incite and invite his “followers” to use violence against protesters. Going so far as say he’d like to punch a protester in the face.

Okay, call off your security, call off your Secret Service detail and go ahead and try. Just you and a protester.

I’m sure he appears to be the type of man who “speaks his mind” and that “he says what I’m thinking”.

Yeah, people in 1930’s and 1940’s Germany thought the same thing.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Most Interesting Day

So, SCOTUS did it. Hmmm. So this is what it feels like to be equal. Kind of a nice feeling.

Now I can legally marry the woman I love. We will have the same protections under the law as everyone else in this country who is married. For those who've had the protection all along, I'm hugely glad you've never had to wonder "what if". What if they don't let me see her. What if they don't acknowledge the power of attorney (some states will tell you it is just a piece of paper and you aren't family). There are a million ifs. It's a relief that we won't have to face those ifs any longer.

What really pisses me off in the last few days is how certain "Christians" are reacting. These so called Christians are giving the real Christians a bad name. SCOTUS did not vote the way THEY wanted and now a few "Christians" are calling for SCOTUS  to be "voted out". Umm, excuse me *raising my hand*. I know I'm not the brightest bulb in the batch, but you can't vote them out and good luck trying to impeach them. Some of these "Christians" can't sing the SCOTUS praises loud or fast enough when the vote goes their way.

And honestly if I hear one more "Allen West 'says this or that'" I'm probably going to throw something. Those of you who just love him should realize that this man while an officer in the Army allegedly allowed and watched his men mistreat (read beat the shit out of) an alleged "insurgent". The "insurgent" was turned in by a confidential informant. When West and his men did not get the answer(s) they wanted from said "insurgent" West pointed his sidearm at the "insurgent" and fired. Apparently it was a "mock" execution. Now, as far as insurgents go, I'm not too concerned about how they get treated as long as there is actually something close to evidence that points to the individual actually BEING an insurgent. In this case, after the "insurgent" reported the incident it turned out that the CI was an area neighbor who had a beef with the "insurgent". Apparently no one thought it was a good idea to vet the CI, hell, no one thought it might be a good idea to put eyeballs on the "insurgent". West was allowed to retire in lieu of prosecution. Yeah, I'm thinking he has zero talking room to judge others. He tends not to say much about that little incident. Find another hero.

I can recall a time in my life that while not being crazy about Republican politicians, at least I could respect them. Sadly, I haven't had cause to respect too many of them lately. Which makes me feel for my conservative and Republican friends. Seriously, take back your party y'all. Don't get me started on Cruz (you know, not in possession of a birth certificate that says born in the USA).

Moving onward to the "persecution of Christians in the United States". Please show me where you are persecuted. You still have your churches and tax exempt status despite seriously blurring the "separation of Church and State" lines. You still get to exercise your freedom of speech even when calling for those different from you to burn in hell, to be stoned to death and to be killed as a matter of course. Being sued for discrimination is not persecution. If you live in a state that includes gay people in anti discrimination laws and you refuse them service because of who they are (your "religion" is not an excuse) you are discriminating and breaking the law. Don't like the law? Contact your local politician. How do you think anti discrimination laws came into effect anyway? Someone got fed up with the bs and contacted a politician and lawyers.

And by the way if you don't want my money, that's fine, I'll find someone else who does want my money. Also, don't whine about it when I publicly tell people. Again it's not persecution. If you get crappy service someplace I bet you tell.

To my Christian friends, please take back your faith from politicians and "religious leaders" who claim to speak for you. I have a lot of Christian friends who might not agree with what a majority of SCOTUS voted for, but they have not been hateful, and for that I am hugely grateful. I can respect and love my friends even when we disagree. I've had to defriend some folks when the "kill the gays" statements come up, but otherwise...

As I've said before, I don't want to destroy the sanctity of marriage. I just want to be able to marry (legally) the woman I love. And being preached to by men who are working on their third marriage after having cheated on wife number 1 with the woman who became number 2, then cheated on 2 with the woman who became wife number 3 kind of makes me wonder at their version of the word sanctity. And really kills any credibility.

In 1967 SCOTUS ruled in Loving vs Virginia for Loving. If you don't know what it said, basically it ruled that persons black and white could legally marry each other. Think about that. And please don't try to tell me "oh that's different". In both cases people who love each other were not allowed to legally marry each other. Certain politicians and "religious" leaders nearly had kittens then as well.

So, lesbians and gay men got married. The world didn't end, God didn't smite man or earth, and that Texas pastor didn't light himself on fire. Oh and for those of you who said if SCOTUS voted in favor of legalizing "gay" marriage you would move to Canada...about that. Canada legalized "gay" marriage years ago. Ireland is in the process of the same. You might want to look up the list and adjust your moving plans accordingly.