Monday, March 14, 2016

It's That Easy

I spent two years and three months living in Germany. To be fair, it was technically two years and five months but I did take leave time.

I arrived in Germany in 1985. Forty years after the end of WWII.

Once I became comfortable with my new surroundings, and the closeness of living with my company of MP’s got to be too much for me, I would take a day here and there to go out in the two different towns I lived in (Kitzingen and Bad Kissingen). Sometimes it was in the day time, sometimes it was at night. Just me. Walking around.

Some of the places were okay but didn’t feel like ‘me’, so I’d move on. Some places I liked and I would go back again and again. It’s amazing to make new friends after they see you a few times. Especially the older Germans. The younger Germans didn’t seem to like American soldiers much. I understood it back then, I still understand it.

The older Germans, at least in my experience, as I didn’t walk around like I owned the place, didn’t walk around like I was the one who won WWII, and most importantly didn’t judge them, would actually talk to you, get to know you. And even though I was curious I didn’t ask too many questions.
Funny thing that. When you don’t demand answers with questions sometimes you get answers any way.

One woman in Kitzingen at my favorite cafĂ©/bakery (I don’t recall the name but it was in the Marketplatz) served serious ass expresso, mean brochen ham and Swiss sandwiches and was the daughter of a Nazi party official. She was fifteen when Hitler came into power. She once told me “we listened because he said what we wanted to hear, what we thought we saw after Versailles”. I asked her why she thought that.

“He said things that were in our hearts and we admired him for it. We did not know, did not want to know after a long time, that he truly meant to do what he did. He promised to make Germans and Germany great, like we once were”. I wrote her words down in my journal after I got back to my barracks.

I remember having to think about her words. I had no idea what she meant by that.

I made friends with the old guy in the toy store. Wooden toys. I did a double take. Little shop about two blocks from the Chinese restaurant and to the left I think if you were facing the restaurant. I used to buy wood Christmas ornaments and send them home. He also made Prussian soldiers for a nice profit, hand painted. He used to talk to them. He was pretty blunt about Hitler. Again from my journal.
“He was not much to look at. You would see him, slight, that ridiculous mustache, but then he would speak. We Germans, we like a man who can speak plainly. He did. He promised us things we wanted. We were angry, we were poor and hungry. Did you know that your soul can get hungry”?

I had no clue what he meant by that last sentence. I was nineteen and twenty when I was in Kitzingen. I was doing good to sort of understand Shakespeare.

When I got to Bad Kissingen I again became a barracks rat until I got comfortable. Sometime after I got comfortable I would take a book and go walking around, or my note book journal. I found a bar (go figure, me finding a bar) that seemed a little higher class than where I normally hung out. I was thirsty and a beer or five sounded good. So I went in.

I found a frosty reception. I was dressed like an American. Older gentlemen (I was twenty and a smidge everyone was older to me) eyeballed me. The conversations stopped or dropped in to low tones. I sat at the bar. The bar maid was thirty fiveish, blonde hair, tired eyes. I remember her telling me that they (said older German men) didn’t like me. I asked why. She said “old Nazi bastards”. Okay, that was an eye opener. She also said something to the effect of “they wear suits now, but not back then”. Even with that reception I went back time and time again. Yes, sometimes I’m an asshole.

The most interesting man I met was a taxi driver. He said (depending on the day/night) that he was fifty-six or fifty-eight. His left hand was missing fingers. And when he moved the little note pad he had fixed to his dash board you could see his runes. He’d driven them into his dashboard. Illegal as hell as I understand it. Waffen SS. Eastern Front. He used to say he was a lucky one. He got frostbite bad enough to lose fingers and get his ass out of Russia.

He was also blunt as hell. I once told him that his runes were illegal. He laughed and asked me “what can they do to me?” Okay, he had me on that one. I mean hell, if he was telling the truth then cops wouldn’t scare a man who survived the Eastern Front.

When he drove during the day I would sometimes find him taking his dinner at the train station. I wasn’t going anywhere but they served Guinness and I was really liking it at that point in my life. He’d drink a few German beers and we’d talk. It must have taken four or five months before he really talked to me. Again my habit of not asking obvious pain in the ass questions allowed him to make his decision to talk to me.

I did ask him one early evening why he joined the Waffen SS. I was expecting a lot of answers but not the one I got. “My brother was one of Rohm’s boys. I had to erase that stain from my family”.
He used to look up to his brother, loved hearing the stories of him beating up “those stupid communists, those unionists, those Jews”.

I rarely asked the hard questions, I wasn’t sure he would answer. Once I did. I asked why did you follow Hitler?

Again a blunt answer. “The bastard said what I wanted to hear. Did I hate Jews? Yes. Did I hate communists? Yes. He made it so that you could say you hated someone. You could go to a rally and say you hated someone. He could stir the hate in you, you let it and when the party came to power you could do what you wanted to someone you hated”.

For a long time after I came back from Germany I wanted to put away what I’d heard from some of these people. It sounds odd, but the people I remember the most aren’t the ones who said ‘we didn’t know’ or ‘we were told what to think’; the one’s I remember the most are these people. Because they were as honest as they allowed themselves. They didn’t really apologize for it and I didn’t ask them too. It wasn’t and still isn’t my place. I wasn’t there.

I am however here. Now.

Watching a man who claims to be presidential material. And I see the same thing in his crowd of supporters that I saw glimpses of 31 years ago.

I see people standing up to this man and his supporters this time. Not enough. But more this time than did in the 1930s and 1940s.

A man who uses the First Amendment to say what he has to say, a man who incites violence on protestors who are also using the First Amendment (even if it’s just a sign or t shirts or silence), a man who professes to make a country “great again”, a man who can wrap a crowd into a frenzy using nationalism, a man who scapegoats anyone he doesn’t like or who questions him. A man who asks those in the crowd to take an oath to him with a raised right hand. A man who makes statements then says he does not recall the statement (even though it’s on video).

A man who says what a segment of the population wants to hear.

During basic training back in 1985 we had a class on brainwashing. It began with my training company entering our class room. We were told that a female Soviet soldier was going to be giving us a class. There was the usual “you will show her respect” statement. Then we were told we were better than Soviet soldiers and when she entered we were to stand up and chant USA. She entered. We chanted.
She spoke. We chanted USA.

She spoke again. In a Midwestern accent and said “It’s that easy”. She then introduced herself as an officer in the US Army.

Think totalitarianism, fascism, a dictatorship can’t happen here? Think again.

I’ve heard for the last 8 years’ people call the President a “socialist dictator”. If he was, y’all would be in jail. Oddly you people are not.

Oddly, for the last 8 years, people have protested the current President without being escorted out, pushed, spit upon, and beaten by the crowd.

One man currently running for President has used his 1st Amendment right to incite and invite his “followers” to use violence against protesters. Going so far as say he’d like to punch a protester in the face.

Okay, call off your security, call off your Secret Service detail and go ahead and try. Just you and a protester.

I’m sure he appears to be the type of man who “speaks his mind” and that “he says what I’m thinking”.

Yeah, people in 1930’s and 1940’s Germany thought the same thing.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Most Interesting Day

So, SCOTUS did it. Hmmm. So this is what it feels like to be equal. Kind of a nice feeling.

Now I can legally marry the woman I love. We will have the same protections under the law as everyone else in this country who is married. For those who've had the protection all along, I'm hugely glad you've never had to wonder "what if". What if they don't let me see her. What if they don't acknowledge the power of attorney (some states will tell you it is just a piece of paper and you aren't family). There are a million ifs. It's a relief that we won't have to face those ifs any longer.

What really pisses me off in the last few days is how certain "Christians" are reacting. These so called Christians are giving the real Christians a bad name. SCOTUS did not vote the way THEY wanted and now a few "Christians" are calling for SCOTUS  to be "voted out". Umm, excuse me *raising my hand*. I know I'm not the brightest bulb in the batch, but you can't vote them out and good luck trying to impeach them. Some of these "Christians" can't sing the SCOTUS praises loud or fast enough when the vote goes their way.

And honestly if I hear one more "Allen West 'says this or that'" I'm probably going to throw something. Those of you who just love him should realize that this man while an officer in the Army allegedly allowed and watched his men mistreat (read beat the shit out of) an alleged "insurgent". The "insurgent" was turned in by a confidential informant. When West and his men did not get the answer(s) they wanted from said "insurgent" West pointed his sidearm at the "insurgent" and fired. Apparently it was a "mock" execution. Now, as far as insurgents go, I'm not too concerned about how they get treated as long as there is actually something close to evidence that points to the individual actually BEING an insurgent. In this case, after the "insurgent" reported the incident it turned out that the CI was an area neighbor who had a beef with the "insurgent". Apparently no one thought it was a good idea to vet the CI, hell, no one thought it might be a good idea to put eyeballs on the "insurgent". West was allowed to retire in lieu of prosecution. Yeah, I'm thinking he has zero talking room to judge others. He tends not to say much about that little incident. Find another hero.

I can recall a time in my life that while not being crazy about Republican politicians, at least I could respect them. Sadly, I haven't had cause to respect too many of them lately. Which makes me feel for my conservative and Republican friends. Seriously, take back your party y'all. Don't get me started on Cruz (you know, not in possession of a birth certificate that says born in the USA).

Moving onward to the "persecution of Christians in the United States". Please show me where you are persecuted. You still have your churches and tax exempt status despite seriously blurring the "separation of Church and State" lines. You still get to exercise your freedom of speech even when calling for those different from you to burn in hell, to be stoned to death and to be killed as a matter of course. Being sued for discrimination is not persecution. If you live in a state that includes gay people in anti discrimination laws and you refuse them service because of who they are (your "religion" is not an excuse) you are discriminating and breaking the law. Don't like the law? Contact your local politician. How do you think anti discrimination laws came into effect anyway? Someone got fed up with the bs and contacted a politician and lawyers.

And by the way if you don't want my money, that's fine, I'll find someone else who does want my money. Also, don't whine about it when I publicly tell people. Again it's not persecution. If you get crappy service someplace I bet you tell.

To my Christian friends, please take back your faith from politicians and "religious leaders" who claim to speak for you. I have a lot of Christian friends who might not agree with what a majority of SCOTUS voted for, but they have not been hateful, and for that I am hugely grateful. I can respect and love my friends even when we disagree. I've had to defriend some folks when the "kill the gays" statements come up, but otherwise...

As I've said before, I don't want to destroy the sanctity of marriage. I just want to be able to marry (legally) the woman I love. And being preached to by men who are working on their third marriage after having cheated on wife number 1 with the woman who became number 2, then cheated on 2 with the woman who became wife number 3 kind of makes me wonder at their version of the word sanctity. And really kills any credibility.

In 1967 SCOTUS ruled in Loving vs Virginia for Loving. If you don't know what it said, basically it ruled that persons black and white could legally marry each other. Think about that. And please don't try to tell me "oh that's different". In both cases people who love each other were not allowed to legally marry each other. Certain politicians and "religious" leaders nearly had kittens then as well.

So, lesbians and gay men got married. The world didn't end, God didn't smite man or earth, and that Texas pastor didn't light himself on fire. Oh and for those of you who said if SCOTUS voted in favor of legalizing "gay" marriage you would move to Canada...about that. Canada legalized "gay" marriage years ago. Ireland is in the process of the same. You might want to look up the list and adjust your moving plans accordingly.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Today is 9/11. It should be a day for remembering. And I find, sadly, it is turning into something else.

Patriot Day. Someone please explain to me what murder has to do with patriotism? These people were not patriotic in their deaths. Some of them were not Americans. Some of them were from other countries living and working in this county. They were murdered. The first responders were not being patriotic. They were doing their jobs. Scores of them died doing their jobs.

It bothers me that this day, which should be a day of remembrance is in the process of being hijacked. And yes, I did mean to use that word.

And it is arrogant to use this day to promote something else.

The aftermath of 9/11/2001 did increase "patriotism" in this country. But let's face it, revenge and justice were in there somewhere.

It is arrogance that some people and politicians use this day to further their own ideas of what Christianity is supposed to be and look like. News flash to those who would use this date as an excuse to denigrate and or persecute any other religion...Christians weren't the only ones who died that day. Christians weren't the only ones who entered service in the military (or as contractors) who went and fought and died in the aftermath.

It is arrogance to believe that the attack on this country on that day was any more important than any other terrorist attack in the history of mankind. Don't believe me? Try asking those who lived through thirty years of the 'troubles' in Northern Ireland; a lifetime in Israel or Gaza; in Yemen; in Somalia; pick one.

Do you have any idea how easy it is to brainwash someone? Patriotism in ones country is one of the first and easiest hot buttons to push. Know where I learned that tidbit? The US Army, so no, I'm not talking out of my ass.

Patriot Day.  Let's be honest with it and just call it Self Righteousness Day.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

This and That, Things on my Mind.

This and That, things on my mind.
I hate writers block.
I wonder why some moths that I see are pure white, except for the dark eyes thing.
Adults should not be discharging fireworks in an apartment complex in a drought (boy was his wife giving him an earful).
I'm sick of politicians for sale to the highest bidder.
Why exactly do "for profit" corporations get tax payer subsidies? I mean, GM was a loan and they've paid that back. That makes more sense to me.
Is it hockey season yet?
When the "bad guys" say they're going to kick my ass, it only makes me chuckle. I always answer "you can try".
I love watching Allison sleep at nap time.
I've realized that I'm getting older and I'm not sure I like it.
Clowns still creep me out.
If while at work I catch you smoking weed and "it's legal in Colorado" comes out of your mouth I'm really going to be sarcastic. It amuses me and kinda pisses off the "bad guy".
Seeing one of my resident's who is battling cancer walking around the complex to that she can try to stay active warms my heart. She's fighting it hard.
People who claim to be "Christians" but don't act like it, be advised, you are giving real Christians a bad name. Find a real Christian and take notes. Adjust accordingly.
The pitching staff for the Texas Rangers owe the in the seat fans a huge refund.
When driving alone on dark stretch of unfamiliar road don't pick up anyone. Just saying.
I don't actually hate conservatives or Republicans. I do think your party has been hijacked however. It has happened to Democrats too. Life has some funny cycles to it sometimes.
My kingdom such as it is for a nice long vacation.
Wish some stranger a good day on occasion, and mean it. It's contagious.
The new Big Tex is creepy. Seriously creepy.
Is it hockey season yet?
Yes it's hot. Yes it's hot under my ballistic vest. No, I'm not going to complain too much about being hot. I did a walking patrol last winter in -3 degrees f. I'd rather be hot than freeze my butt off.
Making little kids at work smile by acting like a goof is fun.
Getting high fives from the kids at work is cool.
Some folks on assistance are there due to no fault of their own. It's a bitch to get out of. Some people choose to make it a lifestyle, I don't have much respect for them.
I love cloud watching with Allison.

I think that's it for this go 'round. Be safe and good to each other.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is upon us again. Take a moment to consider what this means. It doesn't mean an extra day off, it doesn't mean bbq, it doesn't mean get drunk and act stupid. That is what generally happens, but there is a deeper purpose.

It is meant to pay homage. Homage to those who have died for this country. To respect the memory of those who were killed in uniform.

These are the men and women who gave their lives while in service to this country.

This weekend I will repeat these names. Cpl R. "Ordinary" Smith - 981st MP Co. PFC Corey Winkle - 24th Mech Inf. Desert Storm. Dario Lorenzeti - US Army, Ranger, State Dept. Afghanistan.

These are not just names, nor do they deserve to be forgotten in lieu of a bbq, a beer bash, a free day off.

I think of other names, mostly MP's (since well I'm kinda biased that way) who have died for this country. My last count of MP's killed in the Middle East was 162...but then I stopped counting. It got too hard. I'll take up the count again when my heart doesn't hurt quite as much.

I will work on Memorial Day as I usually have, and say just a prayer for the fallen, because I'm lucky, I went to war and came home. A lot of uniformed men and women have come home in a box, or were buried on foreign land. "there but for the Grace of God, go I".

*Snap to attention. Rendering Final Honors*


Friday, March 1, 2013

Some Days I Just Have to Wonder

So, I've had a couple of days to stew on this one. The Speaker of the House said words to the effect of "The President has gotten all he's going to get" in reference to tax revenue increase.

Well, ain't that nice of you to say, Sir. And quite honestly, the Sir is habit, no respect meant at all.

In the first four years in office the President (and please understand that he wasn't my real first choice go to guy, Hillary had my vote, I even considered McCain until he chose Palin and even then I thought he was joking) caved to Republican leadership in reference to taxes, medicare, budget and other social programs (now Republicans say he won't "talk to them", huh, seems enough talking *cough, cough* caving was already done).

Now with the "Sequester" in place certain persons of certain parties (read idiotic 5 year old acting persons, but mostly tea party owned persons) are pointing fingers at the President.

I'm officially calling bullshit. I know *gasp* Roselle used the word bullshit. Get over it.

I'm tired of having certain things I and every working person in this country have worked for and fecking PAID for be held hostage. I'm tired of the fecking boogieman sticking his head out (or rather be forced out by certain politicians). I'm tired of taking table scraps while the so called 1% gets the benefit. I work just as hard or harder than the guy or lady (have to be fair here) who have the MBA, (probably harder since I don't see them walking in the crap weather like I do, I'll get back to that choice in a minute or ten) and honestly I'm tired of fecks who make around 170K a year in DC argue round and round so that things DON'T Goddamn well get done. (Please excuse my language, mom will send me to my room if she ever reads this).

First off, we put two wars over ten years on the country credit card. That bill has come due, children. Because of those two wars (one I have no beef with, we had the evidence. The second we had no evidence so the guy in charge fabricated the evidence just cause someone threatened daddy and quite honestly "cuz he could") the VA budget had to increase by twofold (HOW DARE THEM MILITARY TYPES GET HURT), the Defense Budget went through the fecking roof and I don't know (and apparently neither does the the accounting budget office) how much was actually handed over to the "winning bid contractors", a majority of whom oddly enough had ties to the "War Administration". Apparently "Conflict of interest" had no meaning for those in the cabinet of the then-sitting administration.

Raise your hands if you know one of the first acts of the Obama administration was to actually publish the war budget. During the Bush administration the war budget was hidden behind "National Security". Hell people, if I were President and my dog took a shit on the White House lawn it could be hidden under "National Security".  From that point, pen to paper, ink to fabric the budget skyrocketed. The technical term of what the President did is called transparency.

And then came the bank fiasco, and the auto fiasco, bailouts were handed to banks, while the auto industry had to fight for it. In my humble non-MBA opinion I like Iceland's approach:  jail the fecking cheater bankers who KNEW it was idiotic at best and criminal at worst. But no...again if I were President it would be "How long can I put him/her in solitary for? Really? Only that long?"

Then we have the infamous meeting of the conservative tea party owned Republicans who vowed to make President Obama a "one term President". Not my words boys and girls but an accurate thing; they even apparently put out a memo for those who could not attend.

If you as an elected official do obstruct the due political process of the interests of the American people there should be a serious penalty (both parties honestly). I'm thinking knee capping, but I'm told that's not really productive and kinda illegal.

So back to that whole 1% thing. I guess about 45% of the 1 percent actually work for their money. Them I have no problem with. I'd give them a pass. 2/3 of the remaining 1% have inherited their money and have actually never worked a fecking day in their life. You I have a problem with, as I have a problem with the remaining percentage who have been given a company, driven it into the ground, tossed out "Executive bonuses" while your rank and file are on food stamps (see boogieman generalities..I can do it too just like tea party this is kinda fun, I'll have to find more) and then later to find out the pension fund has been raided but wow you line workers are shit outta luck.

And now 40 minutes later not ten sorry, sometimes I do have to think and not cuss as much, I walk around in the weather as I do my job, just as some people with an MBA choose to sit behind a desk and not get their hair wet, that's all cool. I love what I do as they probably love what they do,  but Mr. Speaker...

If you think we are getting out of this financial boondoggle that yes, you Mr Speaker, no don't turn around and look at the Democrat from Missouri, that YOU helped build, without raising taxes, you are a bigger idiot than I was when I signed my enlistment papers. 'Course I was 18 -- I'm not sure what your excuse for fucking over the country is, except pure selfish cussedness.

Oh and one more thing...gun owners..and yes I am one...NO ONE IS COMING FOR YOUR FUCKING WEAPONS. Jesus, God get a freaking grip. Since the age of 10 I've been hearing about gun control, gun bans and ammo bans...raise your hand if the government ever came for and took your damn "toys". I'm 46 now. I have yet to have Mr Policeman, FBI, ATF, and what ever else alphabet soup weenie come for my gun or yours...hell I was hearing that back when President Carter was running for reelection. I know off topic but it was a burr under my butt.

Darn, I was hoping one more boogieman would come to me and try to scare me...oh wait I remember sorry it was just a possum. dang.


Monday, December 17, 2012

Well it's that time again

It's that time where things have gone on and I've heard and read some very interesting comments.

First off, I am heart broken over the Sandy Hook killings.

And now I give you fair warning. I'm probably gonna piss many of you off, some of you will agree with some of what I say, and some of you will probably want to unfriend me. So be it.

People with a will and a desire to kill others will find a way to do so, car, tank, bomb, knife (several of these in gun restrictive Asian countries), poison, take your pick.

I don't know why Ms. Lanza had to have two semi automatic pistols and a Bushmaster Semi Automatic rifle, I didn't know her. She obtained these weapons LEGALLY. I doubt it ever crossed her mind that she needed to defend herself against her son. For those who say she didn't secure her weapons well enough...he lived with her, if they were locked up, how hard would it have been for him to steal the key or find out the combination of a safe, room, locker? How many of you during your growing up years figured out things you weren't "supposed" to know?

The Bushmaster is not an "Assault Rifle", it is a semi automatic rifle patterned after the M-16 Assault Rifle. To qualify as an assualt rifle it would have to be capable of semi AND automatic fire among other things. You might think it's a minor distinction, you would be wrong. If the Bushmaster truly were an "Assault Rifle" the death toll could have been three times as high depending on how much ammunition the shooter carried.

I've said this before, would I, if I had the money legally purchase a semi automatic rifle and ammunition, yes I would, but I would not pretend like so many others do that it is for hunting (Bambi and company do not own or wear kevlar), nor would I buy one because I want a new 'toy'. And yes I've heard these weapons referred to as such by idiots at the gun range. I would buy one because I have no idea what the future holds. It would be for defense only. At least I'm honest about it.

I believe in RESPONSIBLE gun ownership. I do believe that weapons have to be registered, back ground checks should be done even more so than they are now. Is that invasive, maybe but I'd rather you check my back ground than take a chance that I'm unstable. You want to own guns, you should have to pay for safety and shooting classes, you should have to pay for liability insurance, you should have to do both for any family member living in your household who have access to your guns. You should have to have annual background checks and you should have to report any changes in familial status and your ownership status should be accessible to law enforcement.

In Norway (which has highly restrictive gun laws) 69 people were killed. The killer (I refuse to use his name) obtained his weapon legally after trying to obtain one illegally in Prague. He planned for close to 8 years, that's how long it took him to obtain the firearms. Those who want to kill will find a way to kill and some will wait a very long time to do it.

Cops are killed quite often by people who have obtained weapons illegally, I haven't heard much outcry about gun bans when that happens. I hear "oh that's sad".

The number of school districts who still do not have security or their own district police force astounds me. In the wake of Columbine security companies offered their services (yes for a price) to school districts, a majority of the school districts said no. NO ONE wants armed security/police in their schools at any level, unfortunately we live in a society where people who want to do harm will find a way to do harm. I don't know about you, but I'd rather have a trained and licensed professional with a weapon protecting my family when I cannot.

We live in a society where it is easier to scream "ban the guns" than it is to tackle the problem of mental health issues. A majority of the mass shootings have involved probable mental health issues of the shooters.

I've heard and read comments to the effect of "why are they letting crazy people have guns", ok for those who don't know it, mental health issues are not always readily obvious. You can't look at the general person and instantly know that they have a problem.

This country has an absolutely dismal record when dealing with mental health issues. From medical types who would rather over medicate than actually take the time to diagnose, insurance companies who don't even want to cover these issues and or restrict the level of care, the shutting down of services that might actually be able to help and the shuffling off of these people into the hands of the legal entities. Take a look an any prison system in this country and guess how many of those beind bars have mental health issues prior to incarceration.

We don't want to deal with it, why? Oh, it's not society's problem, why do I have to pay to fix someone else's efed up kid? It's the parent's fault. It's all those tv programs. Bull shit. Let's face ugly facts some people are born mentally broken (no matter what the reason) and yes as a society we do have a responsibility to help because at some point in time there will probably be someone in your family who has a mental health issue.

I am going to say this and probably piss some people off. Until the law of the land changes get your mitts away from my right to my LEGALLY obtained firearms. I do understand your stance, please believe me, and I respect it. But respect my right as a highly RESPONSIBLE gun owner. And yes I'm about to piss off the idiot gun owners. Get your shit right, firearms are not toys and quit acting like they are. You don't need fifteen hundred rounds for a weekend in the woods, you don't need a silencer for your Uzi.

Onward. Those crying out that Sandy Hook and any other shooting is the WILL of GOD for what ever SIN you think has been committed by society. I hope that when you get to God's Gate, you find a serious wake up call and the express elevator to hell. Somehow I doubt God is rejoicing at the sight of 26 innocent souls arriving at His gate. Take your self serving opinions somewhere else. How would you feel if it was your family member? Somehow I doubt you'd be saying what you are saying now. Last I checked Judgement was God's job, not yours.

Benghazi...still? Those of you screaming for "the truth, for justice" where were you during the first ten years of the war when 53 (I posted 43 on a fb post earlier and I was wrong) embassy and state department personnel were killed in attacks? Where were you when the State department last year asked for a larger budget for security of embassies, consulates and safe houses? Oh, yeah a Republican controlled congress (I'd call out the Democrats if they'd controlled the congress on that vote too so don't get your shorts in a wad) basically said, "Nope, you've got what you got".

So you believe the CIA when they testified that what they told Rice was not what she stated. Uh huh, this is the same organization who first denied involvement in the Bay of Pigs, who first denied that Iran/Contra existed, didn't believe the mainstream Afghan rebels fighting the Soviets when they said "you might not want to give bin Laden weapons and money", who allegedly gave intel supporting the existence of WMDs, didn't pay attention when bin Laden's people were in the US at flying schools despite international red flags, tried to quash one CIA agent's hunt for bin Laden, you probably don't believe the CIA would ever lie to cover their asses either.

Was I there? Do I know what was said at the beginning of the attack? No I don't, but then again most of those doing the current screaming weren't there either. If you are going to call out one  administration call em all out. Believe me I do a lot of calling bs on the current administration, not nearly as much as the last one, but hey, at least I'm paying attention and not playing favorites.

Ok, I think I've pissed off enough people before going to bed. I could piss off more, but I'm tired now.